Quality Management

FiberHome regards quality as the core element for an everlasting enterprise, takes customer satisfaction as the goal, focuses on three quality control systems, and upholds the guideline of "customer orientation". FiberHome aims to achieve end-to-end quality control and improve after-sales quality management.

FiberHome has constantly improved the quality management system under the guideline of "customer orientation".

FiberHome integrates the development of the risk control, management, and assessment system with the annual planning, performance management, and platform capability building to constantly improve the system.

In 2001, FiberHome established a quality control system based on the practical operation feature in accordance with ISO9001 standard.

In 2002, FiberHome passed on-site audit of SGS Group and obtained the quality management system certificate.

Subsequently, FiberHome established the environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system, social responsibility management system, management system of the communications industry, and performance excellence model.

In 2015, FiberHome adopted comprehensive risk management and took into full account risk response and quality improvement planning.

FiberHome carries out supervision and audit and participates in certificate renewal audit every three years to maintain the validity of system certificates.

End-to-End Quality Control

Full-time quality management departments are set up in the marketing system, R&D system, manufacturing system, purchasing system, and engineering service system for quality control and strict process management to offer industry-leading quality of products.

Quality control of suppliers strictly follows the supplier performance evaluation process. FiberHome upholds prior quality control and prevention first, focuses on "three no" principles, and applies DMAIC and PFMEA to the whole process, all aspects, and all employees so as to reduce potential internal and external quality risks and improve the quality of products.

FiberHome supports metric analysis of the quality performance in the client, offers the customer complaint channel, and settles specific complaints to improve the after-sales quality management.