Milestone Events


● The proposal of " An overview of smart cities and communities and the role of information and communication technologies " led by FiberHome, adopted by ITU-T (International Telecommunications Union) as an international standard. It is the fourth standard for evaluation of smart cities approved by ITU-T.

● FiberHome broke into the server market, concentrated on the integrated development of ICT, and widely deployed in China Mobile.


● FiberHome released FitCloud "cloud-network integration" Strategy.

● FiberHome was awarded the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award for "the Key Technology, Manufacturing Process, and Complete Equipment of High-Performance Super Bend-Insensitive Fibers" (as the first author). FiberHome released FitCloud "cloud-network integration" Strategy.

● FiberHome was granted the "Award of Outstanding Contribution to Smart Cities" by Xinhuanet.


● The achievement by "973" Program of "Initial Research on Ultra-High-Speed and Ultra-Long-Distance Optical Transmission" was selected as 2014 China's Top Ten Science and Technology Progress, by academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Engineering, which was the only one in the optical communications field.

● The overall design and planning of Smart Optics Valley was completed.


● FiberHome 100G OTN was commercially deployed on a large scale in China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Malaysia, Thailand and other regions. 

● FiberHome’s Intelligent ODN solution was the first commercial deployment in China.

● FiberHome released the cloud computing platform and big data platform with independent IPR.


● FiberHome’s achievement of R&D on Terabit Ultra-High Speed Single-Channel optical transmission system was the leading one in the world'.

● FiberHome’s "High-Capacity PTN Solution" was selected for national strategic innovation product projects.

● FiberHome broke into the global top 10 vendor list in optical network market, by the research report of OVUM.


● FiberHome was the first one to launch the commercially-available 100G OTN/DWDM and Terabit PTN products in the world. The optical preform manufacturing plant started for operation for large-scale mass production at the international level.


● FiberHome launched the unique 10G EPON platform that supports 1:256 split ratio symmetrical applications in China, the first PLC optical splitter with 1:128 splitting ratio by single chip, and the first single-fiber 32-wave WDM-TDM PON system in China, with edged technical specifications in global market.


● FiberHome signed agreements and jointly established optoelectronic material joint venture with global giant in the fiber optic communication industry.


● FiberHome led the establishment of FTTH Industry Alliance, offered comprehensive FTTH solutions to the global market, and achieved remarkable growth of PON devices and ODN products in oversea market.


● FiberHome won the bid for Algeria's 5000 km fiber optic cable and accessory project again as the 1st bidding rank, and fiber optic cables exports to Algeria have exceeded more than 12,000 km in total.


● As a major scientific research project in "863" Program, "3Tnet Scalable to 80×40G DWDM Transmission System Engineering and Testing" practical engineering was accepted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, contributing to internationally advanced ultra-high-speed, ultra-large-capacity, and ultra-long-distance optical communications research in China.


● As a project in National Key Technology R&D Program of the tenth five-year plan, FiberHome’s "40 GB/s SDH Optical Fiber Communication Equipment and System" has been developed and commercially and widely deployed in market, promoting China's major breakthrough in optical communications technology.


● FiberHome won the bid for the primary cable trunk project of Qinghai-Tibet Railway of the Ministry of Railways, made a major breakthrough in the high-power fiber laser field. FiberHome's double-cladding ytterbium doped fiber was internationally advanced.


● FiberHome's draft of the MSR (Multiple Services Ring) standard submitted to ITU was officially adopted.


● FiberHome's optical transmission products passed the DNV CE certification, which signified that FiberHome’s SDH and DWDM series of products got an export "pass" to the EU market.


● As a special project in National "863" Program, FiberHome’s OXC and OADM devices in high-speed information demonstration network were successfully developed and applied. The first optical network in the world that supported interconnection of devices from different manufacturers and unified network management was born.


● FiberHome's DWDM system with independent intellectual property rights was exported to America. It was the first time when the top DWDM system at home and abroad was exported to a developed country.


● FiberHome was established in this year by the transformation from Wuhan Research Institute of Posts & Telecommunications formed in 1974.