Upgrade Gigabit Fiber Network to Accelerate "Broadband"


China’s national “14th Five-Year Plan” Outline emphasizes continuing to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure and promote the upgrade of Gigabit optical networks. Since the implementation of the "Broadband China" strategy, as an internationally well-known provider of telecommunication network products and solutions, FiberHome has strongly supported the construction of the optical networks. Based on nearly 20 years of telecommunication experience, Fiberhome took the lead in launching a high-speed, low-latency, integrated intelligent Gigabit PON access systems, which has been successfully commercialized by multiple carriers. It provides a good demonstration effect for promoting and upgrading of Gigabit optical networks.Through online collection, expert recommendation, etc., 62 achievements were finally selected and compiled into "The Charm of Science and Technology" in 2021.

Leading 10G PON solution

Fiberhome actively explores 10G PON solutions based on the practical foundation of GPON/EPON solutions. The products are in a leading position in the industry in terms of port density, access users, functional performance, etc., and have achieved excellent results in operators' centralized procurement bidding and gained a relatively high share for many times. At the same time, it has also made breakthroughs in overseas markets and has become the mainstream supplier of 10G PON markets at domestic and overseas.

High-quality and low-latency solution

Fiberhome actively explores the business extension of 10G PON network from home scenarios to industrial scenarios, and released high-quality and low-latency solutions. Industrial scenarios require less than 5ms latency, and conventional dynamic scheduling mechanisms can not meet the requirements. Fiberhome has proposed a new low-latency algorithm based on slices, which makes the latency on microsecond level for high-value services.

Integrated 10G COMBO PON solution

Fiberhome’s high-density 10G COMBO PON optical access systems is an innovative solution with muti-mode integration of GPON/XGPON/XGSPON. Which supports GPON ONU and new generation 10G PON ONU coexistence access, and meets the practical application requirements of flexible networking and smooth upgrading. Meanwhile, it effectively protects the investment of carriers, leads the trend of PON integrated technology, and promotes the large-scale application application and industry development of the 10G PON systems.

Excellent optical access network management solution

Aiming at the increasingly complex optical access network, Fiberhome actively expl AI technology in optical access systems. By using advanced correlation analysis model and increment prediction solution, Fiberhome intelligently analyzes the big data of the "dumb resources" of the ODN network in the optical access network and make them topology restoration, fault location and traceability mechanism. The processing efficiency of optical path problems has been increased by more than 3 times, which significantly reduced the maintenance pressure of complex optical path systems.

By the end of 2021, FiberHome has participated in the completion of a number of domestic and international standards. At the same time, the gigabit optical fiber access PON system has also been commercialized on a large scale in more than 50 carriers across 30+ countries and regions around the world, with a total of nearly 5 million lines of PON ports on the network, serving more than 200 million customers.

Fiberhome AN6000 distributed OLT series products

Fiberhome is actively exploring more challenging 50G/100G PON solutions, and has undertaken relevant important national projects. We believe that with the co-operation of global carriers and partners, the optical communication industry will continue to develop magnificently in the future.

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