Modular Data Center

In the era of informatization, with the development of cloud computing, mobile Internet, big data, and other next gen Internet technologies, Data center play an increasingly important role as computing center, data exchange hub and a data warehouse many enterprises and even in many SME’s. FiberHome provides high-end next generation modular data center solution focusing on High efficiency, standardization, modularity, low power consumption, smart management as core. FiberHome FitMDC Micro-module Data Center consists of cabinet, UPS, power distribution system, wiring system, precision air conditioning system, monitoring system, control system, lighting system all integrated as one data center operations unit in container. FitMDC has a standardized and prefabricated design with advantages of rapid deployment, modularity, security, reliability, flexibility, ease of expansion, and green energy-saving features. Compared to traditional data center the construction of cloud data center using FitMDC takes about 8-12 weeks, the construction period is significantly reduced.