FiberHome FitServer Solution

General Des

The cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence will be the three pillars of the information industry in the future. These three technologies will redefine computing and storage technology, which also require our server products to be more sophisticated. Fiberhome provide FitServer solution to meet with the new technology application requirements. Fiberhome FitServer solution can help offer energy-efficient, high-performance and more safety products in a limited space density.

 Figure 1:Fiberhome FitServer Solution

Solution Introduction & Advantages

Fiberhome FitServer solution covers all kinds of Server Form in the industry, and has been widely used in various industries like rail transportation, education, finance, government and telecommunications operators.

Advantages 1: Strong Performance

In computing performance, Fiberhome FitServer is equipped with Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, the overall computing performance is improved by 65%.

In storage performance, Fiberhome FitServer is equipped with the newest NVMe SSD, IOPS performance is thousand times better than traditional mechanical hard disk, hundred times better than SSD, which eliminates I/O bottleneck.

In network performance, Fiberhome FitServer is equipped with Omni-Path, which ensures high information speed.

In HPC application, compared to traditional X86 architecture, Fiberhome FitServer is equipped with NVLink heterogeneous GPU technology, which makes floating-point computing ability improve more than 11 times. If used for deep learning training, days of work would be completed within a few hours.

Advantages 2: Ultimate Density

In node density, by using Fiberhome 3U 14 and 6U 28 blade servers in the data center, more than 80% space and 60% deployment time can be saved.

In computing density, Fiberhome GPU server can be maximum equipped with 4 NVIDIA Tesla GPU in space of 1U,which makes the performance of unit space raised by 40 times.

In storage density, Fiberhome FitServer achieved the highest density (2U 50 disks)in the industry, which further improves performance and saves valuable room space.

Advantages 3: Intelligent Operation

Fiberhome FitServer solution is equipped with FitManager platform.

SUM batch configuration technology, greatly optimize the deployment of data center. Thousands of devices configuration can be completed per day.

SD5 subsystem can locate and resolve errors more quickly and accurately. It can effectively shorten the repair time by more than 80%.

SSM centralized management platform, graphical interface to optimize the management work, which helps to save 50% of maintenance workload.

Advantages 4: Discretionary Security

In system security, the independent security design framework is adopted, and the TPM module is integrated to provide the hardware layer protection.

In data security, a variety of data redundancy and error correction techniques are adopted to solve the problem of information islands and single point faults.

In information security, combined with AES advanced encryption technology and TXT trusted execution technology, to protect information security and prevent virus invasion and information leakage.