FitOS Cloud Operating System

FitOS is the cloud computing system platform software, it is developed based on in-depth optimization and secondary development of cloud platform architecture OpenStack. At the same time, FitOS also complete the on-demand scheduling of network, storage, computing, security, business and other resources through FiberHome self-developed server virtualization components, distributed storage components and SDN / NFV network virtual components. FitOS provides appropriate service for end users and administrators through business automatic scheduling, billing, process, log, application delivery, self-service portal and O&M portal.

FitOS provides a variety of open and standard API, has a strong openness and compatibility, and supports heterogeneous management of the third-party virtualization software and computing, storage, network and other hardware. In the cloud service level, FitOS can provide cloud host, cloud disk, cloud load balance, cloud VPN and other services; in the cloud O&M level, FitOS provides the one-stop installation, deployment, upgrade / patch, data backup /recovery, information collection, health checking and other O&M services.

Application Scenario Product Features

New Construction of Cloud Data Center


Design: FitOS+ (Computing, Network, Storage) Hardware + FitDC

Solution: Data center room construction, IT Infrastructure (server, network, storage, etc.) cloud platform system integration and virtualization software deployment, to realize the unified resource management and on-demand cloud service.


Traditional Data Center Transformation

Design: FitOS +Previous hardware resource (Computing, Network, Storage) + New

hardware resource (Computing, Network, Storage)

Solution: Providing IT Infrastructure (server, network, storage, etc.) virtualization, cloud management platform deployment to help the clients with P2V service migration for unified resource management and on-demand cloud service.


Cloud Data Center Migration:

Design: FitOS +Previous hardware resource (Computing, Network, Storage)

Solution: Providing cloud management platform deployment, connectivity test, secondary development, platform cutover, system migration with the previous network, virtualization software, system platform cutover to realize the unified resource management and on-demand cloud service.


Open Architecture

Based on OpenStack architecture, it can help partners and customers to quickly connect to existing network and build comprehensive cloud ecosystem through standard open API interfaces, value-added applications and O&M system oriented open SDK tools.

Flexible Expansion

FitOS cloud platform provides horizontal expansion capability. The resources are flexible, scalable and it can support dynamic online expansion according to the business requirements. The FitOS deployment is flexible and business can be smoothly expanded without interrupting the service.

Intelligent and High efficiency

Based on dynamic load balancing resources are intelligently managed and scheduled, and it adopts multi-core parallel processing technology to enhance the computing performance. It highly improves the efficiency of cloud service through Ceph distributed storage and SDN / NFV network virtualization components.

Safe and Controllable

The FitOS cloud platform enhances safety of virtualization platform by simplifying OS, service consolidation, kernel tuning, log audit, etc., and realizes user safety isolation in the multi-tenant cloud platform environment based on the virtual data center (VDC) and user information security.


In FitOS cloud management platform, customer can understand the cloud resource allocation and monitor cloud data center operation through the portal. At the same time customer can apply on-demand cloud service resources and self-define the approval process, to realize highly efficient deployment.

Heterogeneous Compatibility

Heterogeneous compatibility of third-party virtualization platform such as vSphere, KVM, Hyper-V, etc. differentiating and management of physical resource pool and virtual resource pool, shielding the differences of heterogeneous virtualization platform.

Unified Operation and Management

The cloud administrator can monitor the cloud data center through the portal, and realize the unified O&M of the physical equipment and virtual resources, and provide the alarm, unified performance monitoring, security management, monitor reporting and other functionalities.