FitServer Blade System is the energy-saving design .it reduces the space and cable effectively, and ensures the high efficiency and reliability, but also simplify the network topology. This makes the network management and maintenance more convenient.
Based on the design of FiberHome Converged Architecture Gen 2, FitServer B7000 Blade System fully supports the current mainstream computing node types and switch network types. Rich
types of nodes and switch networks allow users to flexibly configure and optimize, within the same product, HPC high performance computing, cloud computing, memory computing, database, and various enterprise-level critical applications. FiberHome Converged Architecture Gen 2 Blade Server System supports super-high density computing nodes, heterogeneous computing nodes, high-performance 2/4-way computing nodes, mixed use of strong storage and strong extension nodes, and adopts unified management, power supply and thermal architecture, so it can increase the pooling storage resource independently. Excellent switch bandwidth design not only supports mainstream IB, Ethernet and optical fiber switch modes, but also can be extended into a switching rate of 100G in the future, so it is the ideal choice for customers who focus on computing performance, computing density, low network delay and extension ability and also standing at the top among the same type blade servers in the industry.