FiberHome Rail Transit Cloud Solution<

Rail Transit Cloud Architecture

Rail transit cloud is one of the key business field of FiberHome cloud computing. Smart rail transit operation control cloud platform, rail transmission cloud, vehicle-ground LTE cloud communications, locomotive operation cloud and big data O&M service cloud provided by FiberHome collectively help in developing transportation informatization.

Technical Advantages:

Construction of Rail transit platform will gradually access the existing information resources system or platform in the existing data center. In order to avoid unnecessary waste, it is necessary to adopt a unified cloud management platform to manage the new resource management platform and existing resource management platform present in the non-cloud environment. This kind of loose-coupled construction is more flexible, easy to expand, easy to control in case of any problem, thereby increasing the security and robustness of the entire cloud platform.

FiberHome rail transit solution has following advantages:

• Simple Architecture, Loosely Coupled

• Open Source Standard, Independent Control

• Rich Experience, Large Industry Coverage

•  Full Support, End to End Service

• Responsible, Work Together

Market Application:

•  Dynamic allocation of cloud resources should be carried out within the cloud resource management platform, it is not advisable to be taken out of the scope of resource management platform.

• As the rail transit business characteristics requires high reliability and security, there is no need for dynamic resource allocation between physical data center, i.e., no need for a virtual data center.

• The working boundaries of the cloud resource management platform should be limited to the physical data center. The cloud resource management platform should be within the scope of physical and logical isolation to achieve the dynamic allocation of cloud resources;

• Cloud cross-platform management can override above the cloud resource management platform, to manage multiple cloud resource domain, and through interface provided by the cloud management platform can achieve data exchange with other transportation management system.