Recently, the result of G.654E Trunk Fiber Optical Cable tender which belonged to the China Telecom’s 2022 Trunk Fiber Optical project (first batch) has been released. And FiberHome won the tender of WuHan-ChangSha-Guangzhou optical cable construction project, which make it the second time cooperation between the two companies on the construction of G.654E Highspeed backbone project after the "China Telecom 2017 Shanghai-Guangzhou Trunk Optical Cable Project".

At present, G.652 optical fiber is the mainstream optical fiber used in long-distance communication trunk lines, accounting for more than 95%. With the rapid and continuous growth of global Internet traffic, the interconnection of massive 5G devices and the emergence of video services as the mainstream, the information transmission continues to develop towards larger capacity, higher speed, longer relay and transmission distance. The traditional G.652 fiber has gradually been unable to meet the needs of communication trunk lines, especially in 400G or even higher-level communication systems, the nonlinear effect and link loss have become the main limiting factors, the new G.654E with big fiber Area ultra-low loss, and strong bending resistance has become a new choice for ultra-high-speed backbone transmission networks.

During the past years, China's G.654E industrial chain has become increasingly complete through the cooperation of operators, research institutions, enterprises, and industry institutions. the core technologies have reached the international advanced level, and remarkable achievements have been made in product standards, commercial applications, and intellectual property rights. In 2015, FiberHome participated in the low-loss and large-effective-area fiber optic cable land test network project simultaneously carried out by China Unicom in Hami, Xinjiang, and Qingdao, Shandong, which verified the improvement of the new fiber transmission capacity and the universality of different regions; In 2017, FiberHome developed an ultra-low loss and large effective area optical fiber by using the original VAD+PCVD+OVD three-step method; In January 2018, the State Key Laboratory of Optical Fiber Communication Technology and Network organized a network system verification test on Fiberhome's ultra-low loss optical fiber. Compared with ordinary single-mode optical fiber, the transmission distance increased by more than 50%;In September 2019, Fiberhome won the bid for China Telecom Shanghai-Guangzhou trunk line optical cable project (Shanghai, Zhejiang section); in December of the same year, Fiberhome won the bid for China Unicom trunk fiber optic cable project, and China Unicom joined hands with Fiberhome to build Beijing-Shanghai Tianjin-Zibo Mengyin-Lianyungang G .654E long-distance transmission network project.

With the deepening development of domestic backbone lines to all-optical networks, G.654E will gradually usher in a peak in demand. Adhering to the mission of "maximizing the value of digital connections and benefiting human society", Fiberhome will also continue to innovate, continue to increase R&D investment, continue to tap the potential of optical fibers, and make new contributions to the development and construction of optical communication networks in my country and the world .

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