FiberHome Helps Intelligent Upgrade of Hotels


To cater the escalating actual demand, the entire industry has stepped up the promotion of "All-optical network 2.0" and built a high-quality, low-latency, green, and low-carbon ubiquitous optical fiber network to achieve the extension from home scenarios to corporate scenarios. Among them, the cultural tourism hotel scene is one of the important enterprise applications. Recently, FiberHome launched a hotel all-optical Wi-Fi seamless roaming solution, with which, the network upgrade and reconstruction of several hotels under Ramada and Huazhu Group have been completed and the hotel network stability, convenience, business ecological integration, and intelligent management capabilities improved greatly.

Figure: Hotel All-optical Wi-Fi Seamless Roaming Solution

Minimalist All-Optical Networking, Stable and Reliable Network
Due to the large number of suppliers involved in network construction, the product quality and service support capabilities of traditional hotels varied. As a result, wired bandwidth, wireless coverage quality and network stability often become the key point of user complaints. Luckily, the hotel all-optical solution deploys central control equipment in the hotel computer room, uses the PON uplink method to connect to the OLT in the operator's computer room and Internet platform accesses and deploys PON uplink fusion terminals in hotel guest rooms, uses ODN to connect to the central control equipment in the computer room. Optical fibers are delivered to guest rooms, restaurants, conference halls, etc. on demand. The network is stable and reliable, which can meet the stability requirements of Internet access, TV, video conferencing, and Wi-Fi in the hotel. Different from the traditional Ethernet networking solution, the optical fibers and optical splitters in the all-optical networking are passive devices, with no power loss, and the overall energy consumption is reduced by 60%. Also, the network architecture is reduced from three layers to two layers, reducing the cabling workload of the equipment room by 80%.

Wireless Unified Authentication, Convenient and Secure Access
The central control equipment in the computer room has edge computing capabilities and unified SSID is used between hotels of the same brand and within the hotel, creating a unified Portal operation model for the hotel. The solution uses the identity security authentication of the guests to meet the security audit requirements of the public security and eliminate the information security concerns of the hotel and the guests. Moreover, FiberHome’s all-optical hotel solution also has intelligent AP management function, and adopts AI intelligent algorithms such as channel agile selection, intelligent anti-interference and roaming optimization, which can achieve wireless coverage without omission, Wi-Fi roaming without disconnection, channel switching without jitter, signal strength without reduction, and game video without lag, providing the guests with an excellent experience of convenience, high speed, stability and trust.

Deep Integration of Ecology, Openness and Win-win Situation
This solution can customize the Portal interface for the hotel, push the Portal pop-up window immediately when connected to the Wi-Fi, and provide the hotel with an exclusive page for image display, which is conducive to hotel brand building and market promotion. Customized integrated terminal EPG can also help hotels to meet customer needs for catering, entertainment, travelling, shopping, etc., providing the hotel with more profit margin and improve hotel user stickiness and operational capabilities.
Satisfying the new demands of smart upgrades from major hotels, FiberHome Hotel all-optical solutions can provide a variety of smart hotel full-scene service, including Wi-Fi full coverage, intelligent control, audio-visual entertainment and security. It is a strong guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of hotel business, which can effectively improve hotel network speed and shorten Hotel network construction time, the timely detection and resolution of hotel network faults is strong guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of hotel business. In the future, Fiberhome will continue to deepen the all-optical field, help build a new ecosystem of smart hotels, and improve new experiences of smart network.

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