China Unicom and FiberHome completed the opening of the first C+L demonstration project in China


Recently, the first 100G C+L demonstration project jointly completed by Fiberhome and China Unicom was successfully opened in Hubei. The demonstration project starts in Wuhan, passes through Xiantao, Qianjiang, Jingzhou, Zhijiang, and ends in Yichang, with a total distance of 453 kilometers. Among them, China Unicom Research Institute is responsible for the overall scheme design and transmission performance index requirements of the system, Hubei Unicom is responsible for the specific implementation of the project, and Fiberhome is responsible for providing system equipment. The successful opening of this project marks that our country's backbone network WDM equipment has officially entered the C+L era.

With the rapid development of bandwidth-intensive services such as 5G, cloud computing, mobile internet, and ultra-high-definition video, network traffic will continue to maintain rapid growth. It is estimated that by 2023, the compound growth rate of global data traffic will reach 31%, and global data traffic can reach 3 million PB. However, there is still a huge gap between traffic growth and fiber deployment.

At present, the C-band is generally used for WDM transmission in our country, which exhibits the lowest loss and is widely used in metropolitan area networks, long-distance and submarine optical cable systems. The number of channels that can be used in the C-band is 96 waves. Even if it is expanded to the C++ band, it can only support 120 waves. The system capacity is limited and cannot meet the growing demand for network traffic.Therefore, the use of L-band, which is second only to C-band in loss, has become one of the mainstream choices in the industry. That is, when the C-band is insufficient to meet the bandwidth requirements, it will gradually expand to the L-band.

FiberHome FONST 6000 C+L transmission system used in this demonstration project is designed based on this technology. In addition to transmitting 192 100G channels on a single fiber, the system can also support single-wave 400G system transmission. The number of channels effectively utilizes the technical means of the L-band, which nearly doubles the transmission capacity.With this solution, Fiberhome has joined hands with Hubei Unicom to build a new era of intra-provincial trunk transmission network, opening up ultra-wide transmission arteries for its customers along the line.

The proposal of Fiberhome FONST 6000 C+L solution relieves the huge pressure on bandwidth expansion and single-wave speed increase of optical communication infrastructure, and becomes a solid base capable of carrying massive information traffic. Fiberhome will continue to explore and make breakthroughs, create more value for customers and society, let the all-optical base serve thousands of industries, and make the IoE (Internet of Everything) more than just imagination.

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