Following the Paths of Light for Over Five Decades | FiberHome Releases the New Smart Optical Network LIGHTS UP Solution


June 29, during the 2023 MWC Shanghai, the Smart Optical Network Innovation and Development Forum hosted by the Communication Equipment Manufacturing Technology Committee of the Chinese Communications Society, co-sponsored by the National Key Laboratory of Optical Communication Technology and Networks, the National Information Optoelectronics Innovation Center, and the Hubei New Generation Network and Digital Industry Technology Innovation Consortium, hosted by FiberHome Communications Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Shanghai. With the theme of "Lighting Up The Smart Optical Network", the conference invited leaders of relevant standards associations, operators' managers and industry experts to gather in Shanghai to collaborate about new trends and opportunities of digital economy construction, share innovative practices of Digital transformation, and create a better digital future.

Zhang Bin, President of FiberHome Communications Network Business Unity, gave a report on the theme of "Pursuing the Lights and Thriving in New Era" where he released a new solution for FiberHome Smart Optical Network LIGHTS UP to industry leaders and experts. The New LIGHTS UP solution proposes 5 upgrades to enable the quality connection of the 4 sectors of Computing, Business, Manufacturing and Home and provide the 6 great values of “Lite, Intelligent, Green, Hybrid, Turbo and Safe”. Thus, LIGHTS UP “4 Connections, 5 Upgrades, 6 Values”.

UPGRADE 1: Transportation Capacity and Management Upgrade

Facing the development of computing networks, upgrading all optical capacity is a key guarantee foundation for high-quality computing networks. The new transportation capacity solution in five major upgrades of the Smart Optical Network LIGHT UP uses 400G technology to create a solid all optical connected computing artery, sinking down coherent technology towards the edge to create pooling wavelength division nodes, supporting flexible and low-cost scheduling of central cloud data. The access network uses 50G PON technology to build a 10 Gigabit access base, creating an integrated all optical network base for computing and networking, connecting thousands of industries, and empowering the future of digital intelligence. At the network management level, FiberHome launched the new FiONE intelligent optical network system twin solution based on AI, digital twin and Big data, which runs through the whole life cycle of network planning, construction and maintenance, and helps the digital intelligent transformation of the network and the promotion of intelligent networks.

UPGRADE 1: Transportation Capacity and Management Upgrade

Facing the massive management of optical fiber communication resources and the guarantee of massive business quality, the Smart Optical Network LIGHT UP utilizes low-cost sensing technology, fiber sensing and flow detection technology, digital twins and AI algorithms to create a new integrated network operation solution that integrates resources, behavior, and business perception, providing a minimalist, secure, and high-speed network experience.

UPGRADE 3: New Green Technology Upgrade

Green energy conservation is the continuous goal pursued by the Smart Optical Network. The Smart Optical Network LIGHT UP solution focuses on creating green systems, improving chip and device processes, intelligent energy control and energy-saving technologies for electromechanical management systems and board cards. FiberHome put full devotion in practicing green and low-carbon strategies to create a new energy-saving, green and low-carbon optical network.

UPGRADE 4: New Ecology Upgrade

The vigorous development of the optical network cannot be separated from a prosperous and safe industrial ecology. FiberHome’s LIGHTS UP is a promoter of standards establishment, technological innovation. In 2022, FiberHome has collaborated with 10+ standards , 20+university & research institutes and conducted more than 68 innovation projects, promoting the innovation ecology. At the supply level, core devices are based on self-research, while general devices are incubated to create a reliable new supply ecosystem.

UPGRADE 5: New Technology Exploration Upgrade

Facing future network development, FiberHome is devoted to the exploration of cutting-edge technologies. The Smart Optical Network LIGHT UP explores new media such as multi-core and hollow fiber, 1.4 Tbps new rates, C+L+S new spectrums, and new dimensions such as satellite and hologram communication networks, fully expanding the boundaries of technology to support the continuous upgrading of the optical network and guiding the future with intelligence.

"Seeking light to forge through clouds, stepping on the twilight to shine", in the face of future digital development trends and challenges, President Zhang Bin called on the industry to carry out close cooperation, jointly promote the breakthrough and breakthrough of technical difficulties, jointly promote the development of Smart Optical Networks to connect a bright digital future.

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