FIBERHOME: Stand in Unity to Overcome Difficulties! Responsibility and Trust Are Our Greatest Motivation


Recently, the typhoon "Dusuri" has been raging, and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Northeast, and southern Fujian regions have suffered heavy rainfall for several days, causing floods and geological disasters in many provinces, and large-scale damage to communication infrastructure. Computer rooms and base stations in Hebei, Heilongjiang, and Fujian suffered power outages, flooding, and decommissioning, and the signal was in an emergency

Pic.1 FiberHome Provide Fiber Cables to Heilongjiang

Emergency rescue, FiberHome was on the way

It is urgent to restore the communication. Fiberhome responded to the operator's call immediately, and deployed quickly, sorted out inventory and production capacity urgently, unified scheduling and expedited production and allocation, and prepared nearly 10,000 kilometers of optical fiber cable materials and transported to various places, and cooperated with operators to carry out disaster relief and reconstruction work.

On August 5, the first batch of 1,000 kilometers of optical fiber cable arrived in Hebei; On August 8, the 400 kilometers cables arrived in Fujian and the first batch of disaster relief cables arrived in Heilongjiang ; On August 9, the second batch of disaster relief cables for Heilongjiang and Beijing had been delivered out. Subsequent rescue supplies will also be delivered one after another, making every effort to ensure sufficient supply in the disaster-stricken areas.

Gallop at the head to ensure telecommunication

Faced with the approaching of "DuSuri", FiberHome actively defend comprehensively in a series way of deploying ahead of time, taking pre-inspection preparations and rapid post-disaster recovery to prevent floods and typhoons. FiberHome had completed various tasks of emergency communication guarantees against typhoons.

Pic.2 Stand in unity to overcome Difficulties

When we were facing the severe situation, Fiberhome quickly launched the emergency plan, organized the "Party Members' Flood Control Emergency Commando" to charge forward, played an exemplary and leading role, and led all maintenance personnel to rush into the battle of communication repairs in various regions. Every effort has been made to ensure the rapid and orderly restoration of communications networks. For this reason, the Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government recently sent a letter of appreciation to FiberHome and highly affirmed it.

Pic.3 Appreciation from the Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government

Gathering forces to become blazing sun, and overcoming difficulties to rebuild hometown. Fiberhome will be on standby at all times and work together with operators to help the disaster-stricken areas tide over the difficulties and resume production and life as soon as possible.

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