FiberHome Smart Optical Network Innovation Pilot Achieved New Results, Helping Operators to Achieve Efficient Operation and Maintenance


Recently, the innovative pilot programs of FiberHome Smart Optical Network Resource Visualization iTRMS solution have achieved phased results in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. At the same time, the IA2000 all-optical product used in the solution successfully won the bid for the digital fiber management system project of Guangdong Unicom. Thus, an important step is marked, from which the “dumb resources” such as fibers and optical switcher ports are going to be more visible, more manageable, more intelligent and more commercial rather than in the blind spots without monitoring and management.

Optical network is the cornerstone of modern communications. It not only carries business services such as mobile service and home broadband, but also provides highly reliable and valuable end-to-end services for high-quality government-enterprise specialized line and other private network users. In 2021, about 4.65 billion kilometers of fiber was deployed globally, and an annual growth rate of 15% will be maintained in the future. Due to the passive characteristics, the large-scale "dumb resources" of fibers cannot achieve the real-time visual status management, and manual input and maintenance are needed. Although the optical network service has complete path protection measures, the invisible "dumb resources" will infinitely enlarge the monitoring blind spot, and the risk of fiber breakage and service interruption will increase exponentially, which not only affects customer perception, but also restricts the development of Telecom Carriers' business.

In order to let the fiber “speak”, a variety of solutions have sprung out in the industry, but they are either low troubleshooting efficient because professional engineers are required to carry equipment and instruments for positioning, or too much transformation work needed based on the current operator's existing network, so it is difficult to get balance between value and cost.

Smart Optical Network Resource Visualization iTRMS solution carries out low-cost and intelligent reconstruction of optical network dumb resources, forming an efficient, intelligent and safe management mode of dumb resource in different optical network scenarios. It effectively solves the problems of the inefficiency and inaccuracy incurred by manual collection and the passively accepting of fault complaints. It finds out the fault risks actively and solves the digital problem of optical networks dumb resource management from the source, which ensures the safe and reliable operation of optical networks and improves operational efficiency and user perception.

Compared with various dumb resource management solutions, the Smart Optical Network Resource Visualization iTRMS solution realizes the monitoring and compiling statistics of resource occupancy, optical cable idleness and service resources innovatively, improving the opening efficiency greatly. At the same time, the solution adopts a semi-active method, using active devices at the central end (supporting up to 128-core monitoring) and passive mode at the remote end. It not only lowers the cost of this solution, but also allows a simple and flexible deployment of fibers. When connected with the operator's resource management system in the future, the resource management information will be automatically entered. By this way, the operation and maintenance cost can be effectively saved.

It has always been the mission and task of FiberHome Smart Optical Network to build a high-quality and high-performance fiber network. In the future, FiberHome will cooperates with operators to build a smart optical network and innovate it continuously, stimulating new kinetic energy in the digital economy and creating a brand-new intelligent all-optical base for 5G applications and government-enterprise business.

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