FiberHome supported Thailand Operator A for WIFI 6 Smart Home Network


In recent years, A operator in Thailand has not only faced the competitive pressure of the new full-service model of mainstream top operators, but also staged a hand-to-hand battle with regional operators/ISPs to grab users. In order to cope with these fierce competitions, Operator A is trying to find new profit growth points through the development of traditional broadband services, vigorously developing fixed-line broadband access, adding more than 300,000 broadband users each year, and intensifying efforts to improve home network coverage user experience to ensure operators' competitive advantage and user stickiness.

In 2018, FiberHome cooperated with A operator for its excellent WiFi5 AP products, and provided the A operator's users with high-quality home network wireless coverage. The project has not only improved the network service brand for A operator, and received very good feedback from users, but also provided new construction ideas for A operator's subsequent network construction.

With the development of high-speed home bandwidth in Thailand, the epidemic has also driven the increase in demand for home networks in Thailand. Users have proposed a higher wireless coverage experience for home networks. FiberHome continues to provide high-quality home network wireless coverage solutions to customers with WiFi 6 AP. Compared with WiFi 5, WiFi 6 increases the average throughput of users by at least 4 times. It not only supports access to more WiFi STAs, but also increases the concurrent performance by 30%. It also helps the terminal save up to 85% of the power when WiFi is on standby. Moreover, the introduction of a variety of new anti-jamming technologies, such as BSS coloring technology, has also expanded the effective data communication distance of WiFi and reduced WiFi dead zones.

During the project period, despite the situation of Thailand's epidemic prevention, the headquarters and front-line personnel still communicated closely with customers, opened up all key links, completed a series of tasks such as requirement determination, prototype finalization and sample delivery, testing and discussion, and finally guaranteed our company's WiFi 6 product passed the customer's multi-scenario test and obtained the WiFi 6 home router order. At the same time, according to the customer's request, FiberHome urgently coordinated the shipment of many terminals, and once again obtained new product promotion in the Thai market. In order to reduce the complexity of customer operation and maintenance, and reduce the cost, through in-depth and repeated communication with A operator customers, combined with customer operation experience and our company's product design philosophy, FiberHome have jointly outlined a terminal management platform IoT, this platform supports the needs of operators A to develop a comprehensive management, monitoring and maintenance platform for the discovery network WiFi.

Winning the bid for the wireless smart link project of operator A’s home network, which not only greatly increases the market share of AP in operator A, but also provides a model for the cooperation with other projects of operator A, which will serve as a model for subsequent broadband and the advancement of production products has laid the foundation and established a deeper customer relationship, which has established FiberHome’s cultural philosophy of thinking what customers think and solving customers’ confusions. More importantly, it helped A operator customers quickly seize the market, while maintaining free share, gaining more new market shares, and winning an early time window in the fiercely competitive market, at the same time, the product solutions provided by FiberHome are extremely greatly improved the home network wireless coverage experience, won praise from users, improved the brand awareness of A operator, and established market competition standards.

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