Fiberhome Flowers Blooming In The South America


Patrick Alexander of Santiago city went to bars less often recently. He prefer to stay at home and watching TV drama <LUPIN> on Netflix, "this TV play is very interesting, I would like to stay at home more than killing time in a noisy bar".

The new hobby of Patrick Alexander is not single in Santiago. The operator X found that the number of customers who bought video service has increased rapidly since they introduce the new family telecommunication package to the market. And this phenomenon also be proved by operator OTT management platform, it shows that the TPV(Time Per Viewer) has increased significantly, and the ARPU(Average Revenue Per User) has also increased 16.5%.

What is the reason behind this? The answer is S2000 set-top box. Which was released jointly by Fiberhome and operator X in Q3 2021. This set-top box supports 4K high-definition, dual band Wi-Fi with strong signal,and both HDMI and CVBS interfaces which could support almost all type TV .

The operator X forecasts the scale of set-top box deployment will double and the growth rate of Chile OTT market will over 50% in 2022, and more than 70% user will purchase OTT family package in 2025. Therefore, operator X plans to import Fiberhome's OTT/ IPTV platform in the next year, and add 200 local television channels to the family package to provide more attractive services for the users.

Nowadays, OTT has gradually become the core of Internet home entertainment which with the unlimited commercial value and potential. In the OTT industry chain, Fiberhome has the total solution with terminal and platform. With the expansion of the overseas market, Fiberhome actively carries out the businesses based on its OTT cloud platform which includes user management, contents, advertisement, APP store, games, education, shopping and other functions. And Fiberhome’s customized big data platform could support the operators refined management effectively.

Fiberhome is a reliable and long-term partner of many important operators in South America, it has close cooperation in the broadband and OTT/IPTV filed. In addition, in order to quick respond to customer and shorten the delivery cycle, Fiberhome has set up a set-top box assembly factory in Brazil, which has greatly improved the efficiency of Fiberhome global supply chain system.

With the acceleration of FTTH construction in South American, the OTT/IPTV market has a huge market space. According to the statistics of IHS Markit, the sales volume of Android set-top boxes will reach 200 millions units in 2022. Facing with such an explosive growth overseas market , Fiberhome will continue to strengthen cooperation with operator, constantly exploration and innovation, provide better products and services for global users.

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