FiberHome Helps Country A Telecom For The Delivery Under COVID-19


The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has greatly impacted thousands of industries around the world. Under the influence of the epidemic, online meetings and mobile office are becoming more and more prevalent, placing increasing pressure on the Internet. In order to ensure the stability and quality of users' network, and improve the efficiency of network operation and maintenance, FiberHome overseas team has been sticking to the first line with customers, and pulling through difficulties in delivery and maintenance work with unremitting efforts.
In 2021, FiberHome overseas team made such a successful story together with Country A Telecom.
The POTN Network Management and Equipment Upgrade Project signed by FiberHome and Country A Telecom was originally scheduled to be delivered in May, 2020. However, due to the epidemic escalation in that country, the project had to be suspended.
However, the delivery has a far-reaching influence on the country's backbone transmission network expansion, broadband acceleration and FTTX projects. In order to resolving the problems of network upgrading and bandwidth bottlenecks. FiberHome and Country A Telecom finally decided to start the project delivery in 2021 after several rounds of discussions. But the implementation of this project would still be extremely challenging due to serious epidemic situation.

A long journey with full preparation
After sufficient assessment of the epidemic situation and relevant policies in Country A, FiberHome has worked out thoughtful plans to ensure the efficiency and quality of the project implementation:
 Set up a special guarantee team for the delivery;
 Improve the delivery from original “local team with headquarters remote support” to “local team with headquarters experts on-site support”, in order to deal with network interruption, power failure and other possible emergencies in the epidemic;
 Make detailed “Project Delivery Process Plan” and “On-Site Implementation Plan” with customer’s recognition;
 Evaluate the implementation conditions of the existing network and complete multiple rounds of linkage test verification that simulates the existing network scenario.
At the same time, FiberHome experts team overcame difficulties such as travel delays, flight cancellations, and epidemic prevention and isolation, roving from Wuhan, Beijing, Guangzhou, Paris, and finally rushed to the project site after 28 days, in accordance with the on-site support plan made by headquarter experts.

FiberHome experts team arrived at Country A in May 2021

Stay steady, stay successful.
The upgrade operation includes 11 steps and requires smooth connection, it involves the coordination of 5 project teams of on-site operation, security, shift, site maintenance, and remote maintenance. According to the on-site implementation and progress, the project team made an operation checklist to clarify the responsible person of each step, ensuring the separation of operation and inspection to avoid human error.
During the project delivery period, Country A imposed a curfew from 22:00-04:00 midnight due to the epidemic. After evaluating and communicating with customers, the project team adjusted the on-site implementation plan in time to ensure the smooth implementation of the project:
 22:00 Arrive at the site
 22:00-01:00 Implementation preparation
 01:00-03:00 On-site implementation
 03:00-04:00 Replay and monitoring network status
In July 2021, after experiencing the epidemic, the general election, and internet cutting off during high school exam together with the Country A Telecom, the project team finally completed the engineering transformation of 19 sites, EMU and EFCU dial-up of 53 sites, network management and upgrade of 2,348 single disks, successfully completed the delivery of the project.

Customer acceptance

FiberHome has now set up 11 overseas regional customer service centers around the world, establishing a global service system with customer orientation and quick response. During the epidemic, FiberHome has always been hanging on together with customers and create maximum value for them through the rapid response service system, and this kind of story will continue all the time.

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