Broadband CPE

FiberHome CPE product includes home gateway, LTE CPE, STB and enterprise gateway etc. It can provide data transmission, VoIP, video service and many other services based on internet. The product can cover comprehensive user requirement by the advantage of it flexible business application, complete QoS function, enhanced management and supporting ability.

Home Access Network Product

FiberHome home access network product is focused on family and small enterprise users, providing data, VoIP, video services as well as entertainment, home security and other smart home services. It can be the door way for telco to extend it multi-business service in a flexible way.


Commercial CPE

FiberHome commercial CPE is focused in small shop, café, enterprise and same commercial scenarios. It supports multiple ways of authentications and other businesses such as AD pushing, App pushing, diplex sales etc.

Commercial Wi-Fi CPE

Wireless CPE

FiberHome high performance LTE CPE provides ethernet and Wi-Fi service for family and small enterprise which based on LTE technology. By optimize the design of hardware and software, it provides comprehensive service such as date, VoIP and video to the end users.