FiberHome 10G Enterprise Solution

Figure: FiberHome 10G enterprise solution

In this 10GE Enterprise solution, there are mainly 5 zones: Core network, Data center, DMZ, NMS, Campus Egress. For the intra-network, there are also 3 layers: Core layer, 10GE aggregation layer and GE access layer. GE access layer access all terminals such as laptops, cellphones, printers, cameras and so on. DMZ demilitarized zone prevents unauthorized users from getting direct access to a server that has company data, which greatly improved security.  


Solution Introduction Advantages

Multi-lever protection:

Fiberhome solution supports multi-level protection, including redundant design for high availability, Link redundant and Fast network resilience for 50ms switchover, Major Component redundant, Network loop prevension.


High security:

Fiberhome equipments can provide full series of safeguard procedures, such as domain based management for different level resource allocation, service security, attack defense and access control.


Easy Maintenance:

Offer “0” touch function which makes very simple to deployment. W-view NMS can make it easy to manage fiberhome switches and routers. Simplify CLI (Command Line Interface) and LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) allows a network device to advertise its identity and capabilities on the local network.


Green & Energy Conservation:

Several methods are used to help the organization to reduce energy consumption, for example: power saving components were shoosed to reduce power consumption, fan speed adjustable acording to the working load of the system.


Smooth scalability:

Fiberhome aggregation and core switches support extension subcards for futrue expansion and bandwidth upgrading; Hardware stacking technique is another way to improve switching capacity