Network Deployment

Technology Advantage

"Chinese Fibers Cabling The World": 6-year champion in optical cable export in China; No. 5 in global optical network market; No. 4 in global PON market; No. 2 in global optical fiber cable (data sources: OVUM, CRU); Domestic No. 2 in wireless indoor coverage, microwave, LTE RAN and indoor distribution system; “Research on the Basis for Optical Transmission of Ultra High Speed, Ultra High Capacity and Ultra Long Distance” chosen by China Top 10 Technological Progresses in 2014; the only “Level-1 Qualification” owner in Hubei; in the first echelon in China with comprehensive strength in rail transit communication system, expressway communication system and informatization, and the originator of Train/Ground PIS Wireless System; in the first echelon in domestic main suppliers of ODN products and leading in general contracting; leader of industrial standard; No. 6 in global optical devices market (data source: OVUM)

Application in Market

• End-to-end Service Provisioning

• Multi-scenario Service Provisioning