Information Integration

Technology Advantage

The system integration service of FiberHome changes traditional CT integration and O&M to IT, IDC, data, and smart integration, and explores the new fields such as IDC integration, video surveillance integration, smart home service, security management, and equipment room ancillaries optimization. The customers of FiberHome are from telecommunication operators, rail transit field, government, and enterprises. In the future, FiberHome will focus on the new fields in integration service, grasp the new trend, keep pace with the times, continue to increase investment, optimize channels and supply chain system, product development and talent cultivation, deepen industry services, and quickly respond to customer needs.

Application in Market

• FTTx integration

• Fixed network system integration

• Mobile network system integration                                     

• Indoor coverage system integration

• IDC integration

• Smart building and smart park integration

• Energy transform system integration

• Video surveillance integration

• Equipment room ancillaries optimization

• Smart home, and other system solutions

• Smart Parking