FiberHome CER Evolution Solutions

General Description

With virtualization and cloud computing technology being more mature, the private line service and cloud data center service for enterprise have been witnessed a great growth in recent years. At present, cloud computing and virtualization technology in IT industry decompose common computing / network / storage hardware into different virtual resources for the use of the upper application to break the limitations of proprietary hardware on the network, which can greatly improve the speed of resource supply and enhance the efficiency of network construction, management and maintenance. Therefore, more companies began to transfer business applications to the public cloud. In addition, operators will also have the opportunity to build carrier-class cloud data center and provide public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, cloud line, cloud security and a series of carrier-class business line business for enterprise customers.…

Figure: FiberHome CER Evolution Solutions

Solution Introduction & Advantages

Figure: FiberHome CER Products

FiberHome CER solution has the following characteristics:
1) NFV implementation: a pure software solution that can be deployed on any x86 server, based on cloud resource pool deployment management, providing flexible hardware selection and software deployment.
2) Flexible deployment mode: CER can choose centralized or distributed deployment based on user network size requirements.
3) Security: using IPSec VPN to ensure the security of the connection between enterprise sites.
4) Rich business characteristics: Cloud-based solution based on Overlay technology can achieve fast connectivity, bandwidth adjustment on demand, self-service of user, and performance monitoring and optimization based on tenant; provide enterprise-side diversification, and rich CPE that based on x86 Platform and supports the virtual network function, to meet the network development requirements of network virtualization and cloud network integration.
5) High-throughput forwarding: Data forwarding plane based on DPDK technology is newly developed and combined with protocol stack acceleration technology to achieve the high forwarding capacity several times more than ordinary virtual technology, and provide high throughput processing capacity like hardware equipment.
6) High reliability: CER supports dual hot backup protection, to provide users with high reliability.