Video terminal enhances business experience

FiberHome video terminals will help customers enhance the business experience.

They will optimize the content presentation and creates an immersive ultra-clear content to improve user perception and experience. The terminal will improve low quality stream to high definition and let the user have better visual experience by advanced algorithm. By developing new immersive EPG, the user can watch the video with free viewing angle.

FiberHome also optimizes interactive experience by AI. Through voice AI, the customer can control the terminal with voice very easy, and achieve 0.2 seconds quick response; By video AI, the system can provide personalized recommendation according the user behavior automatically.

Combo video terminal is used to optimize the integration experience with other services and devices. It supports telephone, broadband, IPTV/OTT and Wi-Fi, and can be very easily integrated with smart home ecosystem through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, such as camera, air conditioner, wash machine, light, and etc.