FiberHome Optical + IP Synergy Solution with SDN

General Description

FiberHome has developed a full range of SDN products and solutions from optical access network, optical transmission network, packet network to core backbone network, including SPTN, SDON, SIPRAN, SPOTN and so on, which have successfully landed on multiple operators' local network, and have an excellent user experience in the business opening, plan adjustment, traffic query and other applications. They build future-oriented SDN advanced architecture network for customers, to support the operator network and business transformation and innovation, to improve operational efficiency, business deployment and the open network capacity, to meet the carrier's business development needs.

Solution Introduction & Advantages

1) Application: Multilayer view, customer network VTS, business BoD

2) Performance: centralized control and cluster deployment, distributed cluster, offsite deployment, multiple protection, ms level

    business computing and distribution, real-time concurrent processing flow meter

3) Business deployment: business cross-layer automatic deployment, reduce the opening complexity, end-to-end management

4) Optimization of collaboration: service routing optimization (service level, cost, resource constraints), global traffic balance and

    dynamic adjustment, fault switching and protection collaboration

5) Global view: inter-layer resource maintenance, IP layer resources, optical layer resources automatically found

6) Open: ONF-based TAPI information model, websocket-based message push mechanism