FiberHome NFV Solutions

General Description

FiberHome NFV Solution has researched and developed NFVI, VNFs( vCPE, vOLT, vBRAS, etc.), MANO and other products based on ETSI standard architecture, to achieve virtualization of network capacities, automation of business scheduling and on-demand deployment of application, to promote the transformation of operators future network.

Solution Introduction & Advantages

Fiberhome NFV overall architecture includes:

1.Infrastructure layer: NFVI( Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure). From the perspective of cloud computing, NFVI is a resource pool. NFVI needs to transform physical computing, storage, network resources into virtual computing, storage, network resources through virtualization.

2.Virtual network layer: The virtual network layer corresponds to each traditional telecom service network, each physical network element is mapped to a VNF (Virtualized Network Function). The resources that VNF requires need to be broken down into virtual computing, storage, network resources, carried by NFVI.

3.Operational support layer: operational support layer is equal to the traditional telecommunications network OSS / BSS system.

4.Management and Orchestration: MANO is responsible for the management and organization of the entire NFVI resources, the mapping and association of the business network and NFVI resources, and the implementation of the OSS service resource process, etc. MANO includes three entities: VIM, VNFM and Orchestrator, each of which completes the management of NFVI, VNF and NS respectively.

· VIM(Virtualized Infrastructure Manager) is responsible for controlling and managing the network function virtualization infrastructure (NFVI) computing resources, storage resources and network resources, such as the start and stop, initialization, upgrades or other operation of hardware and virtual machine.

VNFM( Virtualized Network Function Manager) is used to manage life cycle and capacity of the virtual network function (VNF). such as expanding the capacity of vCSCF virtual machine that is increasing the number of vCSCF virtual machine if the load of vCSCF load is heavy.

· NFVO( NFV Orchestrator) is responsible for a unified deployment and scheduling for the entire NFV network resources.

Fiberhome NFV solutions have the following characteristics:

1)Flexibility-- control the network resources through software, introduce new service rapidly to promote the growth of operator revenue;

2)High efficiency-- improve operational efficiency and reduce costs;

High speed-- increase or reduce capacity fast according to the need of business.