FiberHome 5G-oriented FitNet Solution

General Description

The rapid development of 5G, Internet of things, cloud computing, Big data, SDN / NFV and other new technologies will promote a more rare development opportunity to the information and communication industry.

To achieve 5G, the next generation networks need to have the features of high-speed, low latency, flexible, efficient and other demands. FiberHome has been doing research in the field of interface, network slices, Flex-E, ultra-high precision time synchronization and other dimensions and put forward FitNet solution for the next generation networks.

Solution Introduction & Advantages

The whole solution consists of three parts: unified service orchestration layer, integration-simplified network layer and infrastructure layer. In the unified service orchestration layer, Fiberhome focuses on the quality of carrier-class and open-design of the two major features for customers to maintain a flexible network; in the integration-simplified network layer, Fiberhome combines SDNFV with the traditional network, to show a full-coverage, more simplified and flexible network for customers .In the infrastructure layer, Fiberhome focus on the existing products innovation, while a series of high-quality new products have been launched, not only to effectively protect the customer's investment, but also to layout in advance for the future requirements of the network transition.

With the FitNet solution, Fiberhome will become an ICT expert from the optical network expert, to build the ultra-beyond wide, ubiquitous, simplified, on-demand network with operators, and create more value for customers.