Wireless Network


Sub 6G AAU is a high-performance RF antenna integration unit. This series of products supports the multi-band networking needs of Sub 6G, supports 4/5G dual-mode concurrency, meets the long-term evolution and co-construction and sharing needs of operators for 4/5G, and realizes fast and low-cost network deployment of operators. The product form and functions are diversified. Operators can flexibly choose according to different scenarios and coverage needs. It plays a very important role in 5G and 4G networks.

The frequency range of 5G MMwave AAU products is 24.25GHz-52.6GHz. It has the characteristics of super-large user capacity, super-large bandwidth, ultra-low delay, etc., and has extremely high application value in some fields with extremely high delay requirements, which can further release the potential of 5G network.

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