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CiTRANS 610A AC box device

CiTRANS 610A DC box device


The device is introduced from the following aspects.

The device is introduced from the following aspects.


Product Application

CiTRANS610A is the next-generation miniaturized optical transport device for packet transport based on MPLS-TP.

Brief introduction of device

CiTRANS610A is the next-generation miniaturized optical transport device for packet transport based on MPLS-TP. The device has a maximum switching capacity of 6G, provides interfaces such as GE, FE, E1, clock and time synchronization. It is located in the remote access layer of packet transport network, which can meet the demand of increasing IP services for bandwidth and enable flexible scheduling of bandwidth resources.

CiTRANS610A has the following features: 

  • Packet transport technology is used to meet operators' increasing demands for bandwidth and flexible bandwidth scheduling of the transport network

  • PWE3 technology is adopted to realize connection-oriented service carrying

CiTRANS610A device has two models: CiTRANS610A-8A (AC type) and CiTRANS610A-8D (DC type). The external view of the device is shown in Figure 1-1 and Figure 1-2.

Network Application

CiTRANS 610A is located in the far-end access layer of the packet transport network. It converges services at the edge access layer. 

The typical networking of the CiTRANS 610A is shown in Figure 1-3.

List of product features

BusinessEthernet serviceE-Line (carried on PW) E-LAN (carried on PW)
E-TREE (carried on PW)
CES service (carried on PW)
MulticastLayer 2 multicast
QoSFlow classificationSimple flow classification
Complex flow classification
PHB (8 priorities: CS7, CS6, EF, AF4 - AF1 and BE)
Committed Access Rate (CAR)
Queue schedulingWFQ scheduling
PQ scheduling
tail discarding
Congestion managementport WRED
Traffic shapingToken bucket
Logic interfaceLAG
TunnelStatic bidirectional MPLSTunnel
PWSingle hop PW (static)
Layer 2 protocolLACP
User side protectionEthernet LAG protection
Network side protectionTunnel-level protectionLSP 1:1 protection
PW-level protectionPW 1:1 protection
PW redundancy protection
Service securityBroadcast traffic suppression
Unknown unicast, unknown multicast suppression
MAC address forwarding table capacity restriction
Clock synchronizationTDM clock synchronization
Ethernet clock synchronization
External clock input and output
Real-time monitoring and fault detectionMPLS-TPOAM
Service mirroring
Operation and maintenanceOtherAlarm real-time reporting
Device and port performance monitoring
SNMP V1, V2, V3 alarm performance query
Link search (Ethernet port)
Power-down warning (sending and receiving power-down alarms reported to adjacent device)

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