Metro Network Integrated Bearer

The OTN metro network integrated bearer solution is mainly used in the transformation of the metro METRO-E network under the background of 5G cloud-network integration, as well as the integrated bearer of the access network.

Compared with METRO-E, the introduction of OTN metro network can solve the application bottleneck of large bandwidth and low latency, and better adapt to 5G network construction. Meanwhile, OTN can provide a unified cross-connection for multi-service bearer, and meet the comprehensive bearer requirements of metro broadband network, mobile bearer network, and government-enterprise private line services.

At the access network level, the OTN access network not only provides sufficient bandwidth, but also uses the base station one-hop direct access aggregation architecture to meet the low latency requirements of the mobile backhaul network. As a comprehensive access node, OLT service uplink and government and enterprise service access requirements can also be met at the same time.

Product Information

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